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January 12, 2022 12:16 UTC
[Resolved] GitBook is stable. We are going back to using our status page only for incidents and outages. We want to create a dedicated public place to post our changelog.

November 18, 2021 13:05 UTC
[Monitoring] We are still monitoring GitBook overall. Fixing bugs, and making performance optimizations. We will keep posting updates of fixes here.

November 16, 2021 18:26 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.28 - Fix large spaces not having their change requests merged

November 16, 2021 18:25 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.27 - Add a script to renew SAML X509 certificates - Renew production SAML certificate

November 16, 2021 18:25 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.26 - Major Git sync refactoring to improve performance - Lazy load large libraries in public content - Remove redundant migration code causing issues - You can now delete Git sync legacy installations

November 16, 2021 18:25 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.25 - Improve performance of public content - Fix crash when navigating to a variant - Fix switching between variants in public collections - Fix wide space logo in the header

November 10, 2021 17:22 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.24 - Show an alert in the sidebar for orgs with unpaid subscriptions - Add contact support option when there are log in errors - Add metrics to get more performance related insights - Improve fetching of docs with anchor links - Show friendlier message when visiting an expired or invalid URL\ - Improve performance when fetching chunks for a revision - Reduce time while reading images - Improve issues with VPN/Proxies for our Enterprise users - Fix crashes due to conditional hooks - Organizations are marked as frozen after trial has ended - Git sync and conflicts resolution fix with revisions chunks

November 10, 2021 17:17 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.23 - Improve our backup process - Improve account deletion process and make it safer - Improve block spacing and typography hierarchies - Fix page crashes when they had specific language syntaxes - Performance improvement with merging revision chunks - People with no access to a space should not receive notifications - Fix a regression with text clicking and selecting

November 10, 2021 17:11 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.22 - Git sync preserves YAML front matter on exports - Prevent merge of change requests if there are pending changes - Reduce the chances of having domains blocked - Prevent accessing unsafe files like exe, dmg, etc. - Git sync can now use protected branches for imports - Move from Intercom to Help Scout - Improve performance of inline styles - Notion icon in import modal now looks good - Fix Git sync stuck at 100% - Show a proper 404 for non-existent pages - Fix crash when editing conflicts in images, tables, or files - Fix cursor issues - Fix typo in page insights

November 2, 2021 22:22 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.21 - Minor performance improvements in the editor - Remove warning about historical migration in history feed - Fix non org-admins to see organization settings screen - Fix requests being blocked by CSP - Fix editing of API Block parameter descriptions

November 1, 2021 08:03 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.20 - Expose "Edit on Git" at the collection level - Fix toggle of "Edit on GitHub" at the space level - Fix "Refresh" button in the list of GitHub App installations - Prevent @ and : triggering in blocks that don't support them - Fix failing merge change request due to conflicting Node keys - Fix regression with all links being highlighted when hovering one - Fix security flaws by adding back CSP and security headers

November 1, 2021 07:59 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.18 & v10.0.19 - Fix header flashing when loading a public space - Security fix - Increase memory of Git sync task to allow bigger repositories - Hide the "T" for table columns in public spaces - Cache page paths for revisions to optimize performance - Fix parsing markdown tables generating empty headers - Fix dark mode GitHub icon

November 1, 2021 07:36 UTC
[Monitoring] v10.0.17 - Fix HTML tag for list items in read-only content - Fix an issue where styles we re-inserted over and over - Improve the editor's performance by reducing calculation times - Reduce the number of elements rendered in the editor - Save a few milliseconds when typing in the editor

October 28, 2021 07:17 UTC
[Monitoring] - Exclude from work email address list - Fix with SUMMARY file containing the same links many times - Adjust timeout with PDF export to allow more exports

October 26, 2021 17:07 UTC
[Monitoring] - Fix export PDF when viewing change requests - Fix emoji size used in headings - Fix clicking on header links in Space header opening 2 tabs in some browsers - Fix line wrapping issue with code blocks - Fix issue preventing update of published content - Improve public content access behind firewalls

October 22, 2021 04:21 UTC
[Monitoring] - Increase color contrast in code blocks - Fix displaying organizations invite overlay with confusing message - Fix code blocks flashing when opening page

October 21, 2021 06:52 UTC
[Monitoring] - Add markdown shortcut to insert a code block - Show YAML/Markdown parsing error in the Git sync interface - Non-reachable groups are now removed from ToC - Soft-deleted variants were still listed in the published collection - Search cache now refreshes more often - Documents with duplicated keys don't crash now - Disabled spell check in code blocks - Update quantity in Stripe when organization members change - Cursor was not visible in empty code block lines - Fixed team icon in permissions input - Reject common domains as an SSO email domain - Fixed wrong paths in the ToC of copied variants (spaces) - Fixed flash when accessing page on moved public content - Fixed markdown parsing error related to nested lists - Reset primary space in published collection after hard-delete - Content indexation with swagger block does not crash any more - Fix potential crash with Algolia (search) - Visiting org domain redirects to space URL with SSO login - Handle required parameter in API blocks - Ignore search results that aren't in the current revision - Move collections menu to the top right corner - Properly clean up hostnames when deleting stuff - Pasting from inside tabs/nested lists don't duplicate blocks - Redirect page URLs ending in .html to actual pages

October 19, 2021 17:55 UTC
[Monitoring] - PDF Export would not work in spaces published with shareable link - Visitors of a public space would appear in app - paths are now deprecated when a custom domain is being used - Show warning instead of crashing when a referenced page does not exist - Fixed an issue with search not working under certain circumstances - Normalize revisions to prevent crashes when content is invalid - Submitting login page without an email would crash the app - Fixed mass highlight of links in tables when hovering over one - Fixed code blocks hiding first characters of each line

October 19, 2021 17:54 UTC
[Monitoring] - Improved how we handle very large spaces - Fixed an issue where you couldn't set a custom domain in some plans - Confirmation dialog when changing the visibility of a space - Fixed a SAML issue where you couldn't set a default role for folks joining your organization - We now show API blocks in page outline when they are created manually - Fixed a Git sync issue with GitLab - Fixed an issue with image filenames that had spaces - Eliminated another case where public content would flash - Fixed Git sync error when parsing empty liquid tags - Fixed a problem with navigating from search results to the page

October 19, 2021 17:54 UTC
[Monitoring] Organizations — Teams weren't showing in permissions so that you could select them. A migration has just started running to fix this.

October 19, 2021 17:53 UTC
[Monitoring] More fixes: - Fixed an issue where startup and legacy customers were not seeing the correct feature set. - Fixed SAML login and navigation issues - Fixed an issue where some users couldn't log in - Fixed last modified date displayed on pages - Fixed favicon related issues - Fixed image displaying and resizing issues - We now validate email addresses during log in - Improved plans table in organization settings to include the community plan - Fixed old organizations on the community plan to have the same set of features as before - More improvements and fixes for Git sync - Fixed bold header colors in public spaces - Properly sizing space titles to not exceed thumbnail width - Fixed an issue where soft-deleted spaces would still show in some areas of the app

October 19, 2021 17:52 UTC
[Monitoring] - Fixed errors caused by broken swagger blocks - Fixed a visual issue with wide logos exceeding the designated area

October 19, 2021 17:51 UTC
[Monitoring] We fixed a Git sync issue that would prevent you from syncing changes. We also fixed an issue with text not wrapping properly (was wrapping in the middle of words).

October 19, 2021 17:50 UTC
[Monitoring] We are opening this incident to start sending updates about smaller fixes and changes as we continue working on improving GitBook. Please subscribe if you are interested in these updates.